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Progressives rally against romney

Progressives rally against romney

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5 in Friday:Attitudinal interview questions editionhow to kick your email addiction3 tips for women and their careerssurvey:China leads world traditionally 'industrious' nation5 for friday:Winter job hunting editionhow wouldn't you describe the job search in one word?5 People Who Never Get Ahead at Work6 techniques for Making a Lasting ImpressionMonster poll:Most job candidates prioritize work/life balancemembers of several gradual groups met ahead of a rally for mitt romney monday afternoon to stress what they say is the gop hopeful's failure toward women, the poor and public wage earners.

The group obtained at a gazebo in centennial park waving signs saying"Firms are not people,"Romney economics:Lower this kind of jobs"Yet"Not without runners, not expecting a baby, not subtle, but are going voting in 2012,

He sinovic, professional director of progress iowa, said the public gathered, numbering pertaining to 25, are there"To stand Pandora Enamel Beads up for the middle-Class,rather than sell out the middle-Class,

"We will not let his claims stand alone, sinovic explained. "His policies are bad for the middle-Class (click here) and bad for iowa,

Midge slater of the iowa alliance for retired americans raised the alarm for what she said would be another panic attack on social security and medicare, saying that repealing the affordable care act will hurt seniors who is going to pay more out of their own pockets because of cuts to medicare.

"Hands off our social safeguarding, mister.Romney, she rumoured,"And keep the 'care' in treatment,

Jer roth, leader of the davenport firefighters union, said his department is working with seven fewer firefighters than a year ago and it makes the department's role in the city tougher.He and davenport west university teacher john kealey say public employees make their communities better.

"Public staff are beneficial to this state and other states, kealey claimed.

Carolyn vernon of progressive action for the common good touched on romney's comment made last year at the iowa state fair about corporations and how his record in boston shows he doesn't serve the middle class.

"He has gone on record saying corps are people and gone on record as not helping real people, she told.

Carol brown of the national organization of women were not impressed with how romney doesn't support the paycheck fairness act, saying there are a"War on moms"That by republicans.

"We struggle to put food available and gas in our cars to get to work, she pointed out.Birtherism:With the section entitled 'elections, ' the iowa gop uses non specific language to hint at the idea that president obama was not born in the country.The department reads:We insist that a candidate prove that he / she meets all requirements for that office prior to being placed in nomination, including proof of nation citizenship.2.Eliminating government:The platform proposes the elimination of 16 federal departments and agencies even though throughout the rest of the document they call on these particular agencies to enact or repeal certain policies:We support many people of the departments of agriculture, tutori, homeland alarm, housing and urban structure, health insurance and human services, electrical power, inside, work, and commerce choosing tsa, food and drug administration, atf, environmental protection agency, internal endowment for the arts, fannie mae, and freddie macintosh personal computer.3.Research Acorn:The organization of community organizers for reform now(Acorn) Came up a lot inside2008 election, Because it was a 'radical' group that ran voter turnout for president barack obama.Critics and apparently the iowa gop are convinced obama 'stole' the election using acorn.Even though that acorn no longer exists, the iowa platform calls for a study:We call for a full investigation of the corporation formerly known as acorn and its allied organizations, call for full requested by prosecution of those involved in any illegalities discovered, and call for liquidation of government funding of such organizations.4. Platform21: While most think of Agenda21 as a global pleasant development campaign, There is a long running conspiracy theory that the UN effort might be a plan for world dominating government entity.The iowa gop has enclosed this theory as well:We demand that that provide"Environmentally friendly development" Be specified, Checked out, And controlled by county and state agricultural agencies whose private property it impacts as opposed to the UN, Other you can also use or Agenda21 agencies, Or any federal charity.5.Nullification:The woking platform takes the stance of 'nullification' that any state, beneath 10th amendment, can choose to side step federal law as they definitely deem it unconstitutional.The platform also takes the stance they will ignore supreme court rulings under the 10th amendment: We support constitutional state sovereignty integratingNullification of federal oversteps.We take issue with roe vs.Sort and doe vs.

Hoover's pro labor stance helped cause great your misery, ucla economist sayspro labor policies pushed by president herbert hoover after trading stocks crash of 1929 accounted for close to two thirds of the drop in the nation's gross domestic product over the two years that followed, causing what might otherwise have been a bad recession to slip into the great despair, a ucla economist concludes in a new paper.We all saw what a bang up job bush did but do guess what happens happened with hoover?He was leader in 1929, when the great dejection started.Many children died of misery in the usa.That 's what romney would do.Pass the saying on.

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