Pandora Jewellery Australia case that encircles the psp A package of
Psp 1001 with accessories and more

Psp 1001 with accessories and more

Hey i am hoping to sell my psp, toy 1001 the"Physique accumulated mass"Option.Personally i think basically best model out of them all, it is durable and just feels like it it well built when up to you.I love it and enjoy it very much but it's Pandora Spacers Beads let it go.Now i have a bunch of essentials for the system.When you purchase it you will get all the tasks in the pictures with the system.

I am requesting for $130 shipped, $135 shipped with insurance policy

2200 MAH it, I can not get effectiveness, So IT DON WORK should you don't can take it apart and figure it out, A freebie Pandora Bracelets Australia Sale per say that I am throwing in other than trash it.

Regular battery set up on the psp, 1800mah which works fine and stands up to a 4 hour charge when gaming.

Final fable 2 psp game

2 storage device duo one Sony 1GB and another Scan Disk 2GB.

3 UMD game suppressors, The white it the memory cards are on, Work great with the black case to hold UMD and keep them insured

2 situations, A fake Logitech case for system, Which can hold the PSP since you play, And another black one which can hold the device your games, To 4, And mind cards.

2 joystick traction devices, Brides don like the regular joystick you can take ti off and put those on.

2 battery rewall chargers for the PSP, I don have the other in the picture but would include it, Both being Sony official chargers.

2 USB wires and cables that, The initial the first a dual USB and charger cable

A blue silicon Pandora Jewellery Australia case that encircles the psp

A package of screws for the system in case you ose a screw require these to fix it, or you should change the psp plastic shell you can get one and use these to hold it on.

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