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Body language and its meanings

Body language is a type of communication called visual communication.Even without hearing words, the other person will be able to understand what you are trying to communicate by watching you and how you move.Visual communication makes up to more than seventy percent of communication which means that the words we say will convey a lesser significance than other tone, body, and movements.Sometimes body language can have multiple meanings and are sometimes misinterpreted by people.Here are some common body language movements and their meanings.

Raising your eyebrows towards something or someone shows your disagreement or show you have been surprised, and not in a good way, towards what you have seen or heard.Wringing your hands will show you are being nervous, anxious Ralph Lauren Kids or frightened towards the situation.

Next time you say you're excited, being attentive or just listening, make sure that you do not yawn.Yawning is the body's way of saying that you are currently bored, sleepy and uninterested with what is going on.

Even when you are seated, do not think that your body language is limited.When you are leaning forward, it shows that you are interested and are being attentive towards the speaker or to the other person.Leaning forward is a sign that you do not want to miss a word in the conversation.However, when you are folding your arms while you are seated, it means the exact opposite, that you are disagreeing and disapprove of what is being said.

Other positive body gestures include maintaining eye contact and having the correct posture.This shows that you are being open, confident and is attentive in the discussion.You need not verbalize the words because your gestures are enough to show your interest.

Even when you think your words are saying what you want the other person to hear, a shaking head will show that you dislike the wedding bookmarks that they are planning to give away on your wedding even if you utter the words 'i like them.' Your body language will truly give it away and sometimes you may be conscious of it, while at times you are completely oblivious to what your body is signaling.

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